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A Review of Literature on Project-Based Learning Inside Language Education
Project-based learning (PjBL) was introduced into language education during the 1980s to implement student-centered teaching principles (Hedge, 1993). Since then, a growing number of researchers have been promoting it as an effective means to content and language learning (Alan & Stoller, 2005; Mohan & Beckett, 2003; Stoller, 2006). While multiple studies on PjBL have reviewed PjBL in the mainstream education (e.g., Harmer & Stokes, 2014; Thomas, 2000, Helle, L., Tynjälä, P., & Olkinuora, E., 2006, Ralph, R. A. (2016), none of them has surveyed the existing empirical studies on PjBL in the context of language education. Hence, this research study aimed to review the quantitative and qualitative studies conducted inside language Education from 1997 to 2020. The meticulous analysis of 43 studies revealed that existing empirical research on PjBL inside language education has been rapidly growing in the last ten years (2010-2020). Several language areas have been investigated; however, studies linking PjBL to macro-skills still take the lion’s share. This research study is so significant that it will be of interest to the foreign language teaching practitioners and the emerging researchers interested in exploring PjBL inside language education.

Project-based learning, language education, empirical studies, project work.

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