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A Comparative Study of Recast vs. Explicit and Intensive vs. Extensive Correction Regarding Speaking Ability
The current study explored the effectiveness of oral recast versus explicit correction when provided intensively and extensively. The main purpose was on the impacts of feedback in learning English. Intensive recasts were known as those given feedbacks on a specific subject while extensive feedback was known as errors on different subjects and areas. Forty students from an institute in Shiraz were divided into four classes of ten students. The instruments used in this study were a general English book, named Top Notch 2A book, a storybook, and an English grammar book, named Grammar in Use. They received explicit or implicit and intensive or extensive feedbacks according to the objectives of the study. The results indicated that there is not much difference among students who received explicit and implicit feedback. Results revealed that all the methods affect students’ speaking ability in the same way.

implicit; explicit correction; corrective feedback; recast, intensive, extensive.

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