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Recorded Motivational Videos to Improve the Speaking Skills of Adult Learners
This study aims to investigate the impacts of the recorded motivational videos on adult learners. The study was applied to twelve adult learners between March and May in the spring semester of 2019, at Mug^la Sıtkı Koçman University. As to the research design, explanatory mixed methods design was implemented. The online questionnaire and semi-structured interviews were utilised as instruments. Besides, the data obtained from the online questionnaire was analysed by the help of IBM SPSS Statistics 22, whereas the content analysis was utilised to categorise the data obtained from the semi-structured interviews under the pre-determined topics. In findings, it is comprehended that the recorded motivational videos have favourable impacts on the adult learners to enhance their speaking skills in the target language. Moreover, the recorded motivational videos help learners increase their self-confidence, awareness of pronunciation, number of vocabulary, and motivation in the classroom.

self-recorded videos, speaking skill, adult learners

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