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Effects of Lockdown Period of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic on Turkish Academicians' Academic Writing Productivity Performance
This study aims to investigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on Turkish academicians’ academic writing productivity performance during the lockdown period. Thirty-four academicians volunteered to participate in the study and an online open-ended questionnaire was used to collect data. 19 academicians claimed that there are positive effects of COVID-19 on academic writing productivity performance and 28 academicians expressed that they tried to prepare and write new articles for publishing, attend online courses and webinars, follow the journals regularly in varied fields such as English Language Teaching, English Language and Literature, Sociology, etc. However, six academicians stated that they didn’t conduct any new research in their field, and they postponed studying to the days when the pandemic news would end. Therefore, the study intends to underline that academicians need to be aware of the significant changes in their current status and it may be assumed that academia and academic activities may not turn back the days like pre-Wuhan world. The results of the study may enhance the understanding of the changes among the academicians’ reactions toward the challenging issues and may present some clues about what can be done to surmount the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on academic writing productivity performance. The study may also present some implications for lecturers, authorities and academicians who are interested in academic writing and COVID-19 studies.

Lockdown, COVID-19, Academic Writing Productivity Performance

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