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Genre-Based Writing for English Language and Literature Students: Interpersonal Relationship, Attitudes, Motivation and Achievement
Critical awareness of writing practices, suitable discipline-specific texts for students and how writers organize texts can generally be considered crucial in developing appropriate course design and content, and meeting the anticipated goal and purpose in a writing course with ESL students. This study has aimed to design an alternative and effective way of teaching writing to English Language and Literature students within the genre-based pedagogy considering their academic needs. Moreover, by applying a genre-based writing syllabus for literature students, the researchers aim to focus on the effects of this approach on students’ interpersonal relationship with the teacher, their attitudes and motivation towards writing, and achievement in academic writing. The present study is designed as a case study and both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection and analysis have been adopted.

Genre-based academic writing, teacher- student relationship, motivation, attitudes, and achievemen

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